Titan Customized Software

Titan hardware of the fourth level:

- data collection server (information gathering of sensors conditions from data collection systems with the help of customized software);

- data base server (final processing and stowage in data base information of sensors conditions).

The fourth level of automated condition monitoring system also covers automated work places, connected in one local net with data base servers and on which Titan customized software is installed. This software enables to visualize and obtain information of structure condition for further analysis. 

Interrelation of automated monitoring system elements is implemented with the help of Titan customized software.


Customized software

Main features and fuctions of Titan customized software :

  • sampling of remote sensors in automatic mode under set time;
  • manual introduction of testings, inspections, repairs and measurements data of non-automated control and measuring equipment;
  • processing of all monitoring data with its further transformation into the value of monitoring parameters and calculation of the derived physical quantities;
  • control of waterwork technical conditions by comparison of field studies with maximum rated values, automatic signaling on exceedings;
  • accounting, control and reporting of the diagnostics and repairs results of control and measuring equipment;
  • formation and issue of messages of contrrol and measuring equipment conditions;
  • control of timeliness and completeness of the field studies schedule;
  • introduction and saving to data base background information of mathematical models of field studies data recalculation into physical value (formulae, functions, etc.);
  • fixation and issue of messages on the lack of prescribed sensors readings, indicating the standard reason;
  • saving and presentation of primary control results of each measurement device with information of date and measurement time, initial and current values and main controlled parameter;
  • in case of exceeding the maximum permissible level at any point, it outstands on the screen by brighter colour and warning sound is delivered;       
  • data averaging (daily, weekly, monthly, taking into account abnormal data) with possibility of results editing in separate data base for easy operating usage and large volume analysis;       
  • complete logging of user actions;
  • abnormal data control with the possibility of different colour data highlighting;
  • creation and changing of monitoring object logical structure;
  • visualization of processing results in the form of diagrams and tables;
  • data export for further processing and reports creation;
  • diagnostics of measuring equipment condition;
  • results displaying in section (cross-section), cross-sections development and editing;
  • results displaying with reference to topographic map; isoline contouring;
  • possibility of sorting and filtration of processing results by various criteria;
  • possibility of access rights setting for various users.
Titan Titan 2
Choose the sensor from the list and go to the tab Table to view sensor data in a tabular form Choose the sensor from the list and go to the tab Diagram to view sensor data in a form of diagram


Titan 3 Titan 4
Similarly, data presentation in a tabular form for a group of sensors Application Titan-cross-section provides the visualization of drawdown curves in pickets cross-sections
 Titan 5  Titan 6
 Historical data import for the entire operational period of HPP  Data export in a form of MS Excel spreadsheets
Titan 7 Titan 8
 Selection of cross-sections  Turning on of levels curves
 Titan-topography  Titan-topography 2
 Downloading of topographic map Titan-topography application provides the visualization of equal level lines in waterwork with reference to object topographic scheme