Operation Mode of "Titan" System

Operation mode of Titan automated monitoring system is the following:

Sensors data go to analog multiplexers, functional task of which is alternate switching of one-type sensors data channels for one measuring input of a local concentrator. If monitoring needs to be done in a real-time mode, the cables from sensors groups come to a measurement module, where sensors analog data are digitized and transmitted to the communication channels. The analog multiplexers are connected to local concentrators by cable lines, created on the basis of CR 1000 datalogger. All the sensors of meteorological stations are also connected directly to a local concentrator.  

Local concentrator scans sensors according to the given scheme and/or forms instructions for multiplexers control, digitizes analog signals and stores it in memory. Control programs of local concentrator are created at the stage of commissioning and are written to datalogger with the help of customized software LoggerNet, which supplied complete with local concentrators. Local concentrators and/or measurement modules are connected to the database server via RS 232 (RS 485) interface unit. 

The database server carries out data processing of sensors condition and stores it in the database with the help of customized software LoggerNet and software module TitanParser.

LoggerNet and TitanParser

In one local area network with a database server there are automated workstations, equipped by Titan customized software, enabling to control constructions condition and analize sensors data as described in the Manual of Titan customized software .

Thus, interrelation of automated monitoring system elements is implemented with the help of Titan customized software.