Experience in "TITAN" System Implementation

2000-2002, AMS in Kyiv HPP  


Working documentation Roctest Telemac
Equipment Roctest Telemac


Commissioning Roctest Telemac
Project initiation 2000
AMS putting into operation 2002

 HPP's  main characteristics: 

Commissioning year 1964
Established capacity 429,5 MW
Structures category II
Class run-of-river, block
Number of generating units 20
Assumed pressure 7,7 m
Dam length 42,8 km

Monitored parameters:

  • Seepage back pressure force over the HPP’s bottom;
  • Relative movements of the power house building blocks and sections of the right and the left bank of the abutments;
  • Vertical deformations (settlements) of the HPP construction, abutments, ground adjoinings and dams;
  • Total seepage flow through the structures;
  • Pressure damping of water seals;
  • Seepage regime (depression curves) in the body of ground dams, adjoinings and  their foundations.