Automated condition monitoring system TITAN provides:

1. Automated measuring and recording of physical quantities characterizing the construction condition:

  • sizes of temperature joints of concrete-steel constructions;
  • inclination of supporting constructions according to the horizontal level;
  • tension of material of supporting structures and bases;
  • displacement of the construction relative to reference (control) points;
  • displacement of horizontal planes relative to each other;
  • deformation of the construction and bases of concrete structures.

2. Automated measuring and recording of natural and industrial parameters, influencing on the construction condition:

  • level and temperature of ground water;
  • level and temperature of river (channel) water;
  • volume of water flowing over drainage system of the construction;
  • water pressure on the level of construction base;
  • rain capacity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, wind direction and force. 

3. Automated comparison of sensors readings with rated values and signaling on exceeding on predetermined level of values.