Experience in "Titan" System Implementation

2008-2014, AMS in Dnister PSPP

Engineering Ukrhydroproject
Working documentation BANCOMZVJAZOK
Equipment Roctest, Geokon, BANCOMZVJAZOK
Construction Enegroprom
Project initiation 2008
AMS putting into operation 2010 (the 1st hydraulic unit)
AMS putting into operation 2014 (the 2nd hydraulic unit)

PSPP's main characteristics:

Commissioning year

2010 (the 1st hydraulic unit put into operation)

Established capacity

- all hydraulic units


- 1st hydraulic unit

329 MW

2 947 MW (pumping mode)

2 268 MW (generator mode)

421 MW (pumping mode)

324 MW (generator mode)



Number of generating units


Assumed pressure

135,2 m

Dams length of the upper pond

7,3 km












 Monitored parameters:

  • Vertical deformations (settlements) of the concrete constructions sections – on all sections;
  • Vertical deformations (settlements) and foundation soil deformations, slopes and soil masses – on the controlled cross sections;
  • Horizontal displacements and constructions deformations, slopes and soil masses in the specific critical places;
  • Relative displacements of the concrete constructions’ neighboring sections;
  • Seepage regime indications in the concrete constructions platform;
  • Seepage regime indications in the platform and the soil structure body and in the soil masses;
  • Indications of the critical units and constructions stress condition.   
AMS in Dnister HSPP